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→ Homer → Iliad → Book II: Agamemnon tests the spirit of the Greek by suggesting them to return, but eventually they go into battle
→ vv. 7-16: Jupiter sends a misleading dream to Agamemnon
→ vv. 17-36: The dream, disguised as Nestor, instructs Agamemnon to go into battle
→ vv. 110-141: Agamemnon tests the Greeks by telling them that their effort is worthless and that they should return home
→ vv. 144-210: The Greeks prepare the ships to leave Troy, but Minerva inspires Ulysses to call them back
→ vv. 303-330: Ulysses reminds the Greeks that, according to Calchas, a portent of a dragon killing nine birds in Aulis meant that Troy would only fall in the tenth year
→ vv. 400-426: Agamemnon and the other princes of the Greeks sacrifice a bull to Jupiter
→ vv. 484-779: Catalogue of ships
→ vv. 816-877: Catalogue of Trojan warriors