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→ Homer → Iliad → Book I: Agamemnon has to return Chryseis to her father and takes instead Briseis, who had been promised to Achilles, causing his wrath
→ Cycles
→ vv. 1-7: The author asks the Muse for inspiration
→ vv. 11-32: Chryses offers ransom for his daughter Chryseis, but Agamemnon refuses to accept it
→ vv. 34-42: Chryses pray to Apollo for vengeance
→ v. 52: The Greek cremate the victims of the plague
→ vv. 54-67: Achilles summons the Greek princes and suggests to ask Calchas about the reason for the plague
→ vv. 44-52: Moved by Chryses's prayer, Apollo sends the plague over the Greeks
→ vv. 193-221: Minerva commands the raging Achilles to return his sword to the scabard
→ vv. 223-246: Achilles protests against the decision that he has to relinquish Briseis and throws his sceptre down
→ vv. 306-307: Achilles, together with Patroclus, leaves the council
→ vv. 308-312 (and again 389-390): Chryseis is brought back by boat to Chryses
→ vv. 315-317: Agamemnon and the other princes sacrifice Apollo
→ vv. 327-336: Achilles greets the heralds send to bring Briseis to Agamemnon
→ vv. 334-348: At Achilles's command, Patroclus surrenders Briseis to Agamemnon's herolds
→ vv. 347-348: The heralds escort Briseis away from Agamemnon
→ vv. 360-428: Achilles complains to his mother Thetis
→ vv. 394-406: Achilles reminds Thetis how she had once sent the giant Briareus to defend Jupiter against Minerva, Juno and Neptune who wanted to bind him
→ vv. 430-474: Chryseis is reunited with Chryses who brings a sacrifice to Apollo
→ vv.500-527:Thetis begs Jupiter to grant the Trojans victories until Briseis is returned to Achilles, he grants it
→ vv. 533-536: Assembly of the gods
→ vv. 597-604: Banquet of the gods, with Vulcan serving wine and Apollo and the Muses providing music