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→ Homer → Iliad → Book V: Diomedes attacks Aeneas, Venus and Mars
→ vv. 1-9: Minerva gives Diomedes courage and lets him shine like fire
→ Diomedes in battle (no specific episode)
→ vv. 29-36: Minerva persuades Mars to leave the battle
→ vv. 311-318: Aeneas, wounded by Diomedes, is hidden in a cloud by Venus
→ vv. 344-346: Aeneas, wounded by Diomedes, is rescued by Apollo
→ vv. 355-363: Venus, wounded by Diomedes, is carried by Iris to Mars
→ vv. 385-391: Dione reminds Venus that Mars had been bound for thirteen months by Otus and Ephialtes
→ vv. 418-430: The wounded Venus is ridiculed by Juno and Minerva and admonished by Jupiter
→ vv. 432-437: Diomedes attacks Aeneas who is, however, protected by Apollo
→ vv. 655-669: Tlepolemus and Sarpedon throw spears against each other, Tlepomenus is killed, Sarpedon wounded
→ vv. 850-858: Diomedes, aided by Minerva, wounds Mars
→ vv. 868-898: Mars returns to Olympus and complains to Jupiter about Diomedes's violence against gods
→ Unidentified battle scene