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→ Ariosto, Ludovico → Orlando furioso → Individual scenes
→ Charlemagne consigns Angelica to the care of Namo, Duke of Bavaria (I, 8)
→ Combat between Rinaldo and Ferrau; Angelica flees (I, 17)
→ Ferrau's helmet is returned from the river by Argalia's ghost (I, 24-30)
→ Combat of Rinaldo and Sacripante (II, 8-10)
→ Angelica, fleeing the combatants, asks directions from a hermit (II, 11-14)
→ Rinaldo and Sacripante parted by a spirit summoned by the hermit (II, 15-17)
→ Bradamante, tricked by Pinabello, lowers herself into a hole by sliding down an elm branch (II, 71-77)
→ Bradamante and the sorceress Melissa (III, 20-62)
→ The wizard Atlante flying on the hippogriff (IV, 5-6; 16-19)
→ The castle of the wizard Atlante (IV, 7; 12-13)
→ Bradamante and the dwarf Brunello (IV, 9-12; 14-15)
→ Bradamante defeats the wizard Atlante (IV, 23-28)
→ Rinaldo fights Polinesso in a joust (V, 86-92)
→ Ruggiero ties the hippogriff to the myrtle-tree (VI, 23-28)
→ Alcina's resplendent city (VI, 58-60; 71-72)
→ Ruggiero encounters the army of monsters (VI, 60-70)
→ Ruggiero fights giantess Erifila (VII, 2-7)
→ Alcina welcomes Ruggiero (VII, 9-10)
→ Melissa discloses the truth about Alcina to Ruggiero (VII, 56-63)
→ Melissa gives Ruggiero a magic ring (VII, 64-65)
→ Ruggiero escapes from Alcina's island (VII, 79-80)
→ Ruggiero, fighting his way out of Alcina's realm, is challenged by a servant with falcon, horse and dog (VIII, 3-11)
→ Melissa turns all of Alcina's former lovers who had been turned into trees back into their human shape (VIII, 14-16)
→ Melissa, on the hippogriff, brings Astolfo with his spear back to Logistilla (VIII, 17-18)
→ Rinaldo requests support for Charlemagne in England and Scotland (VIII, 21-25)
→ Angelica flees from the hermit across land and sea (VIII, 30-37)
→ The hermit tries to rape Angelica; he drugs her, but is impotent (VIII, 58-60)
→ A damsel on a boat tells Orlando the story of the island of Ebuda (IX, 8-14)
→ Orlando sails through rough seas to find Angelica (IX, 15-17)
→ Orlando is led to Olimpia in Antwerp (IX, 17-21)
→ Orlando defeats Cimosco in Dordrecht (IX, 61-84)
→ Bireno walks out on the sleeping Olimpia (X, 17-19)
→ Olimpia, by the shore, laments Bireno's flight (X, 20-34)
→ Logistilla fights Alcina (X, 48-55)
→ Deployment of the armies of the British Isles (X, 72-91)
→ Ruggiero finds Angelica tied to the rock, threatened by the sea monster (X, 92-98)
→ Ruggiero decides to rape Angelica, but the ring makes her invisible (XI, 2-7)
→ The hippogriff flies away without Ruggiero (XI, 13)
→ Ruggiero saves Bradamante from a giant (XI, 15-21)
→ Orlando captures and kills the sea monster (XI, 28-45)
→ Oberto falls in love with Olimpia and marries her (XI, 59-80)
→ Orlando and the other knights, pursuing the phantom of Angelica, reach Atlante's magic palace (XII, 8-9)
→ The knights search the castle of Atlante in vain (XII, 9-20)
→ Orlando and Ferrau fight near Atlante's palace (XII, 48-50)
→ Orlando finds Isabella in the cave (XIII, 2)
→ Orlando throws a heavy table at the pirates who have abducted Isabella (XIII, 37-39)
→ Orlando hangs the pirates from a tree (XIII, 40-41)
→ Bradamante rides to save a phantasm of Ruggiero chased by cruel giants (XIII, 75-79)
→ Agramante, King of Africa, receives Orlando (XIV, 30-33)
→ Battle for Paris between Christians and Moors (XIV, 98-134)
→ Mandricardo, King of Tartary, abducts Doralice (XIV, 53-60)
→ Agramante assaults a gate of Paris (XV, 6-7)
→ Logistilla gives Astolfo a ship (XV, 10-11)
→ Astolfo rides off with Orrilo's head, pursued by the headless Orrilo (XV, 83-85)
→ Origille embraces Grifone and pretends that her lover Martano is her brother (XVI, 5-13)
→ Paris, defended by Charlemagne, is burnt down (XVI, 85-89)
→ Rodomonte breaks into Charlemagne's palace (XVII, 6-16)
→ Grifone wins the joust at Damascus (XVII, 80-112)
→ Grifone, mistaken for Martano, is driven out of Damascus on a cart in disgrace (XVII, 128-133)
→ Grifone takes revenge on Damascus by slaughtering many before its walls (XVIII, 3-7)
→ Zerbino and Dardinello at the siege of Paris (XVIII, 45-55)
→ Astolfo and Sansonetto meet Marfisa (XVIII, 98)
→ Marfisa, Astolfo and Sansonetto arrive on Cyprus (XVIII, 136)
→ Rinaldo kills Dardinello
→ Medoro is wounded and restored to life by Angelica (XIX, 2-25)
→ Angelica and Medoro carve their names on trees and rocks (XIX, 35-36)
→ The tempest and landing at the harbour of Laiazzo (XIX, 43-68)
→ Marfisa fights Guidone in disguise (XIX, 69-108)
→ Marfisa discusses strategies with Guidone (XX, 69-79)
→ Aleria arms Guidone's subjects (XX, 80-81)
→ Marfisa and Guidone escape the battle (XX, 87-92)
→ Zerbino strikes Ermonide down (XXI, 5-10)
→ Zerbino listens to Ermonide's story (XXI, 11-66)
→ Ermonide's men make a stretcher of branches, and lay him upon it (XXI, 67)
→ Zerbino and Gabrina find the body of Pinabello (XXII, 4)
→ Astolfo's horse Rabicano is stolen (XXII, 11-12)
→ Astolfo fights a host of spirits in the enchanted palace (XXII, 18-23)
→ Astolfo' magic shield blinds a group of knights (XXII, 67-90)
→ Astolfo breaks the magic of the shield by throwing it into a well (XXII, 91-96)
→ Astolfo entrusts his horse Rabicano to Bradamante (XXIII, 9-16)
→ Astolfo flies away from Bradamante on the hippogriff (XXIII, 12-16)
→ Zerbino is falsely accused of killing Pinabello (XXIII, 38-51)
→ Orlando saves Zerbino from execution (XXIII, 52-63)
→ Isabella and Zerbino recognise each other by the well (XXIII, 63-70)
→ Mandricardo is defeated by Zerbino and carried away by his horse (XXIII, 70-91)
→ Orlando's madness (XXIII, 129-136)
→ Orlando fights men and beasts in his madness (XXIV, 4-13)
→ Zerbino finds Odorico taken captive (XXIV, 15-35)
→ Zerbino hangs Orlando's scattered arms on the tree (XXIV, 57)
→ Zerbino is killed by Mandricardo (XXIV, 58-85)
→ Mandricardo and Rodomonte fight each other (XXIV, 94-109)
→ Ruggiero attacks a crowd and frees Bradamante's twin brother, Ricciardetto (XXV, 4-24)
→ Viviano and Malagigi to be bartered (XXV, 74-76)
→ Ruggiero writes a letter in the middle of the night (XXV, 85-92)
→ Ruggiero and Marfisa admire each other fighting (XXVI, 12-24)
→ The warriors admire the carved figures on the fountain (XXVI, 29-37)
→ Marfisa proves Mandricardo's equal in fighting (XXVI, 78-84)
→ Ruggiero, Rodomonte and Mandricardo all fight each other (XXVI, 101-112)
→ Ruggiero and his comrades break the siege of Paris (XXVII, 24-28)
→ Discord causes havoc amongst Ruggiero and his comrades (XXVII, 39-101)
→ Sacripante rescues a woman from the water while pursuing Rodomonte (XXVII, 113-116)
→ Rodomonte listens to the landlord's tale at the inn (XXVIII, 1-3)
→ Rodomonte sails down the Saone and Rhone rivers (XXVIII, 85-94)
→ Isabella and the hermit arrive with Zerlino's body; Rodomonte falls in love with her (XXVIII, 95-102)
→ Rodomonte tries to win over Isabella and argues with her protector (XXIX, 1-11)
→ Isabella tricks Rodomonte into killing her rather then abducting her (XXIX, 12-26)
→ Orlando fights on Rodomonte's bridge naked and with bare hands (XXIX, 40-49)
→ Orlando throws a donkey into the air and tears a man in two (XXIX, 50-56)
→ Orlando frightens Angelica with his savage appearance (XXIX, 57-60)
→ Orlando carries a horse around, alive and dead (XXIX, 61-73)
→ Orlando rides a number of horses to death (XXX, 4-10)
→ Ruggiero draws lots and kills Mandricardo in combat (XXX, 17-72)
→ Ruggiero lies wounded in Agramante's tent (XXX, 73-87)
→ Rinaldo returns to Montalbano (XXX, 90-95)
→ Rinaldo mistakenly fights Guido (XXXI, 8-34)
→ Rodomonte throws Brandimarte from the bridge (XXXI, 61-75)
→ Fiordiligi sees Brandimarte sitting in the river (XXXI, 76)
→ The Muslim army flees from the Christian army towards the shore (XXXI, 79-89)
→ Marfisa delivers Brunello's body to Agramante (XXXII, 6-9)
→ Bradamante looks out for Ruggiero from the turret (XXXII, 10-27)
→ Bradamante hears the rumour of Ruggiero's betrothal to Marfisa (XXXII, 28-35)
→ Bradamante encounters the Queen of Iceland and her suitors (XXXII, 50-59)
→ Bradamante defeats three knights at Tristan's castle (XXXII, 69-77)
→ Bradamante and the Queen of Iceland are compared (XXXII, 98-108)
→ Bradamante looks at the magical paintings of future battles (XXXIII, 1-58)
→ Bradamante throws three knights off their horses (XXXIII, 65-76)
→ Gradasso fights with Rinaldo (XXXIII, 79-82)
→ Rinaldo and his comrades encounter a flying monster (XXXIII, 84-95)
→ Astolfo arrives in Nubia (Aethiopia) on the Hippogriff (XXXIII, 101-106)
→ Astolfo delivers Senapo from the Harpies (XXXIII, 120-128)
→ Astolfo descends into the pit of the harpies (XXXIV, 1-10)
→ Astolfo closes the pit and washes himself from the fumes (XXXIV, 44-47)
→ Astolfo is received in Prester John's earthly paradise (XXXIV, 48-67)
→ Prester John takes Astolfo to the moon in his chariot (XXXIV, 68-81)
→ Astolfo meets the three Fates (XXXIV, 88-92)
→ From the River Lethe, names are retrieved for the Temple of Immortality (XXXV, 10-29)
→ Bradamante promises Fiordiligi to help her against a knight (XXXV, 30-39)
→ Bradamante defeats Rodomonte on the bridge (XXXV, 40-51)
→ Bradamante takes down and hangs up shields and weapons (XXXV, 52-54)
→ Bradamante accompanies Fiordiligi to Arles (XXXV, 57-62)
→ Bradamante scorns other combatants and demands Ruggiero (XXXV, 63-80)
→ Ruggiero hesitates to fight his lover Bradamante (XXXVI, 12-15)
→ Marfisa is thrown off her horse by Bradamante (XXXVI, 16-23)
→ Bradamante and Ruggiero avoid each other in battle (XXXVI, 28-40)
→ Ruggiero tries to end the fierce fight of Bradamante and Marfisa (XXXVI, 43-57)
→ Ruggiero, Bradamante and Marfisa rescue three ladies robbed of their clothes (XXXVII, 25-33)
→ Ruggiero, Bradamante and Marfisa come into the settlement of women only (XXXVII, 34-37)
→ Ruggiero, Bradamante and Marfisa liberate a woman on her way to execution (XXXVII, 86-97)
→ Ruggiero, Bradamante and Marfisa liberate the city oppressed by Marganorre (XXXVII, 98-104)
→ The rights of women are reinstated in front of Marganorre's column (XXXVII, 102-122)
→ Charlemagne receives Marfisa in his camp (XXXVIII, 10-20)
→ Marfisa is baptised by an archbishop (XXXVIII, 22-23)
→ Rinaldo and Ruggiero begin their combat before Agramante and Charlemagne (XXXVIII, 88-90)
→ Rinaldo and Ruggiero continue their combat and then make peace (XXXIX, 1-8)
→ Marfisa and Bradamante defeat King Agramant and his Moors (XXXIX, 9-18)
→ Astolfo frees Dudone and miraculously creates a fleet out of leaves (XXXIX, 19-28)
→ Orlando slays around a hundred enemies with a sapling (XXXIX, 36-37)
→ Orlando's friends force the healing potion upon him (XXXIX, 44-57)
→ Dudone attacks Agramante's ships in the night (XL, 1-8)
→ The African city of Biserta is conquered and looted by a Christian army (XL, 9-35)
→ Agramante and Gradasso meet on the island of Lampedusa (XL, 36-46)
→ Gradasso sends Orlando an invitation to combat (XL, 47-57)
→ Dudone and Ruggiero spare each others' lives in combat (XL, 75-82)
→ Dudone concedes to Ruggiero and agrees to the freeing of seven prisoners (XLI, 4-7)
→ Ruggiero suffers a tempest and is shipwrecked in Africa (XLI, 8-24)
→ Ruggiero is converted and baptised by a hermit (XLI, 47-60)
→ Orlando begins the battle with Agramante and Gradasso (XLI, 68-102)
→ Orlando slays Agramante and Gradasso and wounds Sobrino (XLII, 1-19)
→ Orlando hears Brandimarte's dying words (XLII, 12-15)
→ Rinaldo is frightened and chased by a monster with serpents on her body (XLII, 46-52)
→ Rinaldo is saved by a knight with a burning mace (XLII, 53-66)
→ Rinaldo marvels at a sumptuous palace and a fountain with marble statues (XLII, 73-96)
→ Rinaldo is challenged to drink from the magic cup which reveals fidelity (XLII, 97-102)
→ Rinaldo refuses to drink from the magic cup which reveals fidelity (XLIII, 5-10)
→ Rinaldo sails down the River Po (XLIII, 51-63)
→ Rinaldo crosses Italy from Mantua to Lampedusa (XLIII, 145-150)
→ Brandimarte is buried with great pomp (XLIII, 175-181)
→ Olivier and Sobrino are baptised and healed (XLIII, 186-199)
→ Rinaldo promises his sister Bradamante to Ruggiero (XLIV, 4-18)
→ Ships turn back into leaves and horses into stones (XLIV, 20)
→ Astolfo hands winds packed in sacks to the King of Nubia (XLIV, 21-22)
→ Astolfo rides the hippogriff for the last time and releases it (XLIV, 24-25)
→ Charlemagne leads a triumphal procession in Paris with Ruggiero (XLIV, 31-34)
→ Bradamante's marriage to Ruggiero or Leo of Byzantium is discussed (XLIV, 35-37)
→ Ruggiero joins in the battle of Belgrade against Leo of Byzantium (XLIV, 76-96)
→ Ruggiero is arrested in his sleep in Novgorod (XLV, 9-10)
→ The Empress Theodora has Ruggiero thrown into a dungeon (XLV, 15-20)
→ Bradamante sighs for Ruggiero in Paris (XLV, 25-39)
→ Leo of Byzantium frees Ruggiero from the dungeon (XLV, 40-50)
→ Ruggiero, disguised as Leo, combats Bradamante in order to win her (XLV, 63-82)
→ Ruggiero renounces Bradamante and despairs of life (XLV, 83-94)
→ Melissa persuades Leo to save Ruggiero's life (XLVI, 20-25)
→ Leo witnesses Ruggiero's distress and renounces Bradamante (XLVI, 26-45)
→ Leo speaks up for Ruggiero before Charlemagne (XLVI, 51-66)
→ Melissa makes an ancient Trojan bed fly to Paris for Ruggiero's wedding (XLVI, 73-80)
→ At his own wedding feast, Ruggiero kills Rodomonte in combat (XLVI, 101-140)