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→ Lefèvre, Raoul → L'histoire de Jason
→ Cycles
→ Jason is entrusted to his uncle Pelias
→ Jason fights with Hercules at a tournament in Thebes
→ In Queen Mirro's service Jason fights and kills the giant Corfus
→ Jason leaves the service of Queen Mirro, but she rides after him
→ Pelias meets Jason (wearing only one sandal) after having visited the oracle of Delphi
→ Laomedon bars Jason from his realm, but Hypsiphile welcomes him
→ Apollo is commanded by Mars to found a city near the island of the golden ram
→ Zechius (a companion of Apollo) is defeated on Colchis
→ Zethepius conspires against Apollo
→ Apollo fights and defeats Zethepius in the marketplace
→ Jason is received by King Oetes and meets Medea
→ Medea tells Jason how to conquer the golden fleece
→ Jason conquers the Golden Fleece
→ Medea dismembers her brother Apsyrtus to distract Oetes from chasing after Jason
→ Medea rejuvenates Aeson but lets Pelias die during this process
→ Medea kills her children and Creusa at Jason and Creusa's wedding
→ Jason marries Mirro
→ Jason fights Brutorus in the woods
→ Medea visits Jason and Mirro and being rejected kills one of her sons
→ Aeson tells Patroclus to shoot and kill Mirro