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→ Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun → Roman de la Rose → Episodes
→ Preface
→ Amans dreams that he rises and goes to the countryside
→ Amans discovers the Garden of Deduiz, the wall painted with portraits
→ Amans seeks entry, finds a small gate and knocks
→ Oiseuse opens the gate to Amans and recounts creation of the Garden by Deduiz
→ Oiseuse
→ Amans enters the garden
→ Amors and Beauté
→ Beauté and Richece
→ Deduiz and Leesce
→ Amors and Douz Regart, his squire
→ Largesce
→ Largesce and Richece
→ Richece
→ Cortoisie invites Amans to dance
→ Cortoisie invites Amors to dance
→ The dance in the Garden of Deduiz
→ Fountain of Narcissus
→ Amors and Amans
→ Venus convinces Bel Acueil to let Amans approach the Rose
→ Bel Acueil permits Amans to approach the Rose
→ Amans and the Rose
→ Reason chastises Amans
→ Dangier berates Amans
→ Malebouche wakes Jalousie
→ Dangier and Bel Acueil before the Rose
→ Franchise and Pitie come to plead Amans's cause with Dangier
→ Jalousie chastises Bel Acueil
→ Jalousie, Bel Acueil and Amans, Honte leaves after having defended Bel Acueil
→ Venus and Bel Acueil
→ Honte speaks to Jalousie
→ Peor speaks to Honte
→ Honte and Peor wake Dangier
→ Jalousie and Amans
→ Amans despairs
→ Jalousie builds a castle around the garden to imprison Bel Acueil
→ Jean de Muen in his study
→ Bel Acueil imprisoned in the tower and guarded by an old woman (Vielle)
→ Bel Acueil imprisoned in the tower, Amors setting siege
→ Reason describes Love
→ Reason expounds upon Fortune
→ Amans and Amis
→ Jalous berating his wife
→ Lucretia's suicide
→ Povrete before Richece
→ The Golden Age
→ Biautez and Ledeur attack Chastete
→ Jalous beating his wife
→ The story of Hercules
→ The story of Samson and Dalila
→ Jason and the Golden Fleece
→ Coronation of the First King
→ Povreté
→ Amis describes the unfaithfulness of women
→ Amans and Richece
→ Contreinte, Atenance and Fausemblant before Amors
→ Amors and Amans discuss Amans' loyalty
→ Amors sending out a message to summon his barons
→ Amors instructing his barons
→ Amans questioned by Amors
→ Contreinte, Atenance and Fausemblant scold Malebouche
→ Castration of Saturn
→ Amors notes that he dislikes his aunt Juno, just as Apollo did Marsyas
→ Faux Semblant is crowned
→ Faux Semblant and Amors
→ Faux Semblant, Amors and Malebouche
→ Amors instructing his followers to raise an army
→ Faux Semblant and Abstinence
→ Malebouche confesses to Faus Semblant
→ Vielle speaks to Bel Acueil on behalf of Amans
→ Vielle gives Bel Acueil the crown of flowers on behalf of Amans
→ Suicide of Dido, as recounted by Vielle
→ Suicide of Phyllis, as recounted by Vielle
→ Helen and Paris, as recounted by Vielle
→ Medea and Jason, as recounted by Vielle
→ Horace teaching women
→ Mars and Venus discovered by Vulcan, as recounted by Vielle
→ Venus summoned by Amors
→ The battle before the caste begins
→ Myth of Venus and Adonis
→ Natural desire
→ Venus in her chariot
→ Bel Acueil and Amans
→ Franchise fights Dangier
→ Empedocles jumps into the fire
→ Amors and his followers before the castle
→ Nature creating human beings
→ Death killing men and women
→ Zeuxis and the Maidens of Crotona
→ Genius consoling Nature
→ Nature discusses Free Will and God's omniscience
→ Nature recounts the story of Deucalion and Pyrrha
→ The Virgin and Child as described by Albumasar
→ Nature in conversation with Genius
→ Nature confesses to Genius who absolves her
→ Nature forging animals
→ Genius describes the Garden of Deduiz
→ Genius describes the Garden of Virtue (or of the Lamb)
→ The fountain of life in the Garden of Virtue, as described by Genius
→ Amors dressing Genius as a bishop
→ Genius preaching to Amors, Venus and others
→ Genius describes the judges of the Underworld
→ Genius recounts the story of Cadmus sowing the dragon's teeth
→ Genius recounts the story of the Fates
→ Genius tells the story of Jupiter
→ Venus outside the castle threatening the guards
→ Venus confronting Honte
→ Venus strings her bow
→ The myth of Pygmalion
→ Pygmalion's grandson, King Cyniras lying with his daughter, Myrrha
→ Cortoisie speaks to Bel Acueil
→ Venus setting fire to the castle of Jalousie
→ Amans attains the Rose
→ Amans having thanked Amors, Venus and all the barons, kisses Bel Acueil
→ Amans awakens
→ Unidentified scenes