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→ Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun → Roman de la Rose → Episodes → Reason expounds upon Fortune
→ Reason and Amans
→ The wheel of Fortune
→ Virginius pleads with Appius Claudius to return Virginia
→ Virginius beheading his daughter Virginie
→ Reason describes the strange residence of Fortune on a rock in the sea, buffeted by the current
→ Nero overseeing the torture of his mother Agrippina
→ Death of Seneca
→ Death of Nero
→ Phanie warning her father Croesus after having interpreted his dream
→ Croesus, king of Lydia, hung at the gallows
→ Charles I of Naples defeats Manfred of Sicily
→ Charles I of Naples holding the head of his nephew Conradin, Duke of Swabia and King of Jerusalem
→ Fortuna pouring Joy and Sorrow from the barrels of Jupiter