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→ Milet, Jacques → L'istoire de la destruction de Troie la Grant → Episodes → The mourning of Hector
→ Priam and Hecuba faint over the dead Hector, Polyxena grieves
→ Priam and Hecuba mourn Hector and blame Paris
→ Priam faints, Paris and Deiphobus throw water on his face to revive him, Hecuba mourns
→ Hecuba mourns Hector
→ Hecuba faints again over the dead Hector, Paris comforts her
→ Andromache faints after seeing the dead Hector, Paris and Priam attempt to comfort her
→ Andromache mourns Hector
→ Andromache faints again, Hector's body is taken away to prepare it for the funeral
→ Priam asks Helenus to summon Sentipus and orders him to build a tomb for Hector
→ Andromache kisses Hector one last time