Old Testament
Tobias (A.V. Tobit) The journey of the young Tobias (Tob. 6:1-9) Tobias and Raphael walking togetherwithout the fish
Life of Christ
Infancy Annunciation Angel not flyingAngel holding lilyAngel kneeling or genuflecting
Infancy Visitation With Joseph and (or) Zacharias
Infancy Presentation in the Temple Virgin holding ChildWithout doves
Virgin Mary
Life of the Virgin CyclesPanel and canvas paintingsIn one image
Life of the Virgin Birth of the Virgin Virgin being or about to be washed
Life of the Virgin Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple Scene
Life of the Virgin Dormition of the Virgin
Life of the Virgin Assumption Without Persons of the TrinityWith ApostlesWith Holy Women
Iconography of the Virgin MaryImmaculate ConceptionVirgin Mary alone crushing the serpent's head
Groups of Saints Patron Saints of a country, diocese or cityNaples
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A 'modello'
Solimena, Francesco (1657-1747) (circle)
late 17th century
London, Christie's (8 July 2009)
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