Old Testament
Genesis Joseph Joseph sold into slavery (Gen. 37:28)
Genesis Joseph Joseph and Pharaoh (Gen. 41)In the years of dearth, Pharaoh sends the Egyptians to Joseph (Ite ad Joseph), who opens the storehouses (Gen. 41:54-57)
Genesis Cain and Abel Death of Abel (Gen. 4:8)
Genesis Cain and Abel God confronting Cain (Gen. 4:8-15)
Genesis Cain and Abel Abel's soul taken up to heaven (non-biblical)
Genesis Abraham and Isaac Abraham and Lot, MelchisedechAbraham gives tithes to Melchisedech (Gen. 14:20)
Genesis Abraham and Isaac The sacrifice of IsaacThe angel stays Abraham's sword and points to the ram
Genesis Jacob Isaac's Blessing (Gen. 27)Isaac blessing Jacob as firstborn (Gen. 27:18-29)
Genesis Jacob Jacob's dream of the ladder (Gen. 28:11-22)Jacob sees in his dream the angels ascending and descending the ladder (Gen. 28:12-15)
Genesis Noah The Flood (Gen. 6:1-9:17)Noah sends forth the raven and the dove - in one composition
Genesis Noah Drunkenness of Noah (Gen. 9:20-27)Noah planting the vineyard (Gen. 9:20)
Genesis Noah Drunkenness of Noah (Gen. 9:20-27)The drunken Noah with his sons (Gen. 9:22-23)
Psalms Cycles The Utrecht Psalter and related manuscriptsParis Psalter - original drawings
Further details
row 1: Death of Abel; God charging Cain; Ark; row 2: Noah grows wine; Drunkennes sof Noah; Abraham and Melchisedech; row 3: Sacrifice of Isac; Blessing of Jacob; Jacob's Ladder; Row 4: Joseph thrown in cistern; Joseph sold; Joseph administrating the granaries of Egypt
Canterbury (Christ Church)
1180 - 1200
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France → lat. 8846, fol. 1v
Notes on photograph
Henri Omont, Psautier illustré (XIIIe siècle). Reproduction des 107 miniatures du manuscrit Latin 8846 de la Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris 1906, plate 2
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