Old Testament
Psalms Cycles The Utrecht Psalter and related manuscriptsParis Psalter - original drawings
Life of Christ
Ministry BaptismWithout God the FatherWithout Angels
Ministry Temptation First Temptation (Stones into Bread)
Ministry Temptation Second Temptation (Pinnacle of Temple)
Ministry Temptation Third Temptation (High Mountain)
Ministry Temptation Angels worship Christ after His temptations
Ministry MiraclesChrist healingPeter's Mother in LawChrist healing Peter's Mother-in-Law
Ministry MiraclesChrist healingPeter's Mother in LawBeing healed, Peter's Mother-in-Law serves Christ
Ministry MiraclesWedding feast at CanaArrival of the wedding-guests
Ministry MiraclesWedding feast at CanaMary asks Christ to help
Ministry MiraclesWedding feast at CanaChrist gives instructions to the servants
Ministry MiraclesWedding feast at CanaChrist turning water into wine
Further details
Row 1: Baptism; Wedding in Cana (arrival, preparations); row 2: Cana (Miracle); 1st; 2nd Temptation; row 3: 3rd Temptation (dialogue and image of all cities of the world); Angels minister Christ; row 4: Christ healing a leper; Christ healing Peter's mother-in-law (2 scenes, wrong order)
Canterbury (Christ Church)
1180 - 1200
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France → lat. 8846, fol. 3r
Notes on photograph
Henri Omont, Psautier illustré (XIIIe siècle). Reproduction des 107 miniatures du manuscrit Latin 8846 de la Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris 1906, plate 6
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