Biblical cycles
Manuscripts Bibles with an image for each BookLondon, British Library, Burney MS 3 (Bible of Robert de Bello)
Old Testament
Genesis Creation First Day: Creation of light
Genesis Creation Second Day: Creation of the Firmament
Genesis Creation Third Day: Creation of the dry landCreation of plants
Genesis Creation Fourth Day: Creation of sun, moon and stars
Genesis Creation Fifth Day: Creation of Fishes and Fowls
Genesis Creation Sixth Day: Creation of beasts Creation of beasts
Genesis Creation Seventh Day: Rest
Genesis Creation Several scenes from the Creation in one image
Genesis Adam and Eve Before the fallGod commanding Adam not to eat from the tree (Gen. 2:16-17)
Genesis Adam and Eve Creation of Eve
Genesis The Fall and Expulsion The Serpent seduces Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:1-6)Serpent with serpent head
Genesis The Fall and Expulsion God confronting Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:8-20)
Genesis The Fall and Expulsion Expulsion from EdenWith an angel but no gate
Genesis Abraham and Isaac The sacrifice of IsaacIsaac carries the wood to Moriah
Genesis Abraham and Isaac The sacrifice of IsaacThe angel stays Abraham's sword and points to the ram
Genesis Noah The Flood (Gen. 6:1-9:17)Noah sends forth the dove for the first time (Gen. 8: 8-9)
Genesis Adam and Eve after the Fall
Genesis The Tower of Babel Building of the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11:1-4)
Genesis Historiated initialsCreation (several scenes) and other scenes from Genesis
With Father and Son seated and the Spirit as a Dove
Further details
In the shaft of the 'I' from top to bottom the days of Creation (with Creation of Eve on the Sixth Day and the Trinity on the Seventh Day), at the right (upper row) God's charge to Adam, Fall, God accusing Adam, Expulsion, Adam and Eve working; (bottom row) Ark, Tower of Babel, Sacrifice of Isaac
Canterbury (?)
1240 - 1253
London, British Library → Burney 3, fol. 5v
Notes on photograph
Alexandre, comte de Laborde, La Bible Moralisée Illustrée, vol. 4, Paris 1913, plate 790
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