Historia Troiana
Cycles Grenier, Pasquier (Tournai tapestries and related drawings) Tapestry 10: Death of Penthesilea and treachery of Aeneas and Antenor
Events before the Trojan War Ulysses and Diomedes demand the return of Helen, Priam refuses
The War of Troy Main episodes Threatening portents in Troy
The War of Troy Main episodes The theft of the PalladiumUlysses persuades Antenor and Aeneas to steal the Palladium
The War of Troy Main episodes The theft of the PalladiumAntenor and Aeneas bribe the priest and take the Palladium
The War of Troy Main episodes The Amazons join the TrojansPenthesilea killed by Neoptolemus in battle
Further details
Left-hand side: twenty-third battle with death of Penthesilea; centre: top: Antenor and Aeneas persuaded by Ulysses to betray Troy; bottom: Ulysses and Diomedes come to the gate pretending to come in peace; right-hand side: top: Antenor takes the Palladium; bottom: Prodigia denoting the end of Troy
Flemish after Grenier, Pasquier (active 1447-1493)
late 15th century
Madrid, Colección de Arte de la Casa de Alba (The photo probably shows the tapestry from Madrid, a mediocre copy of the lost original)
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