Biblical cycles
Manuscripts Bibles with an image for each BookCambridge, Sidney Sussex College, MS 96 (probably Canterbury, c1260-1270)
Old Testament
Genesis Creation Second Day: Creation of the Firmament
Genesis Creation Third Day: Creation of the dry landCreation of plants
Genesis Creation Fourth Day: Creation of sun, moon and stars
Genesis Creation Fifth Day: Creation of Fishes and Fowls
Genesis Creation Sixth Day: Creation of beasts Creation of beasts
Genesis Creation Seventh Day: Rest
Genesis Creation Several scenes from the Creation in one image
Genesis Creation Spirit of God above the waters (Gen. 1:2)
Genesis Adam and Eve Creation of AdamGod forming Adam
Genesis Adam and Eve Before the fallGod commanding Adam not to eat from the tree (Gen. 2:16-17)
Genesis The Fall and Expulsion The Serpent seduces Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:1-6)Serpent with serpent head
Genesis Historiated initialsCreation (several scenes), ending with Crucifixion
Life of Christ
Infancy Annunciation Angel not flyingAngel holding nothingAngel standing
Passion CrucifixionSingle crossWith Virgin and Saint John onlySymmetrical → Without skull
Further details
Canterbury (attributed)
circa 1260 - circa 1270
Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College → 96, fol. 3v
Notes on photograph
Cambridge Collections - Photo: Warburg Institute
Nigel Morgan, Early Gothic Manuscripts (II), 1250-1285 (A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles, 4, 2), London 1988, pp. 169-170, no. 168
Photographed with kind permission of Master and Fellows of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
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