Old Testament
Genesis Adam and EveIn the Last Judgement
Genesis Generations between Adam and Noah EnochSingle figure
Exodus Moses: single figure
3 Kings (A.V. I Kings) Elias (A.V. Elijah) - single figure
Images of Christ
Risen ChristWith scepter
Last Judgement
With Heaven and Hell
With Heaven and Purgatory
Virgin Mary
Iconography of the Virgin MaryVirgin interceding during the Last Judgement
ApostlesPeter AttributesKeys
ApostlesPaul AttributesSword
ApostlesAndrew AttributesSaltire
Apostles Apostles as a group
Evangelists Cycles FiguresSingle image
Evangelists John AttributesBook
Saints A - ZFrancis of Assisi (OFM)With Wings
Saints A - ZFrancis of Assisi (OFM)With Franciscan Order flag
Saints A - ZJohn the Baptist AttributesCamel hair clothing
Saints A - ZJohn the Baptist AttributesInscription 'Ecce Agnus Dei'
Saints A - ZJohn the BaptistJohn interceding during the Last Judgement
Saints A - ZAnne, mother of the Virgin Mary Single figure
Saints A - ZJoseph AttributesBlossoming rod
Saints A - ZJoseph As intercessorDuring the Last Judgement
Saints A - ZDominic de Guzmán (OP) AttributesRosary and Lily
Saints A - ZDominic de Guzmán (OP) AttributesDominican Order Flag
Saints A - ZClare (OFM) Single Figure
Saints A - ZLawrenceAttributesGridiron
Saints A - ZJoachim Single figure
Saints A - ZFrancis de Paola Single figure
Saints A - ZGertrude of Helfta (OSB)AttributesHeart
Saints A - ZGertrude of Helfta (OSB)AttributesCrozier
Saints A - ZJohn of GodAttributesCrozier
Saints A - ZPeter Nolasco Single Figure
All Saints
Religious OrdersDominicans
Religious OrdersFranciscans Franciscan Orders in general
Religious OrdersBrother Hospitallers of St John of God
Religious OrdersMercedarians
Religious OrdersMinims
Religious OrdersJesuist
Angelic hierarchy Archangels MichaelWith objectsArmour → Classical Armour
Angelic hierarchy Archangels MichaelWith objectsCross
Holding objectsGospel-Book
Holding objectsSword
Holding objectsArma Christi
Holding objectsTrumpets - Judgement Day
Holding objectsFlower Crown
Holding objectsScales
Cloud putti
Heaven and Hell
Hell Punishment of sinners
In the Last JudgementWith a Book
Further details
Pérez de Holguín, Melchor (active 1689-1732) Potosí school
Potosí, Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Notes on photograph
MUJICA, Ramón et al. El Barroco peruano. Lima: Banco de Crédito, 2002.
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