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→ Modern → Holy Roman Empire
→ Holy Roman Emperors
→ Holy Roman Empresses
→ Dukes and Kings of Bohemia
→ Dukes and Electors of Bavaria
→ Earls Palatinate at the Rhine (Electors)
→ Members of cadet lines of the Earls Palatinate
→ Marquesses and Electors of Brandenburg (later also Kings of Prussia)
→ Marquesses, Dukes and Archdukes of Austria
→ Marquesses and Dukes of Styria
→ Dukes of Brunswick
→ Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp
→ Dukes of Lorraine
→ Dukes of (Lower) Saxony
→ Electors of Saxony
→ Dukes of Pommerania
→ Marquesses of Baden
→ Landgrafen of Steffling (Upper Palatinate)
→ Counts of Tirol