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→ Monks and friars
→ Aggst, Konrad OSB (Prior of St Ulrich und Afra, Augsburg, 1468-1476)
→ Alberti, Leandro (1479-1552)
→ Bolzanio, Urbano or Dalle Fosse (1442-1524)
→ Diemar (Dominican in Regensburg, active c1279)
→ Dietrich of Apolda OP (born c1228, died after 1297)
→ Legname, Desiderio dal (d. 1581 circa)
→ Maeller, Wenzeslaus OFM (d. 1371)
→ Medici Cosimo, illegitimate son of Pietro de Medici and Maria della Ribera (16th-17th century)
→ Partenschlag, Hermann OFM (1663-1733, several times Guardian in Maihingen)
→ Piosna, Aurelio Augustinian
→ Quaglia, Teodoro vicar general of the Augustinians (1509-1580)
→ Refato, Timoteo
→ Schragl, Augustinus OCist (librarian of Rein Abbey, died 1755)
→ Suárez, Francisco SJ (1548-1617)
→ Telesphorus of Cosenza (fictive, hermit and author of a libellus of prophecies)
→ Thevet, André (1516-1590)
→ Tröster, Augustin OSB (1703-1751, Monk of St Emmeram in Regensburg, 1735 parish priest of St Walburga in Eichstätt)
→ Unknown Cistercian monk