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Old Testament
→ Genesis → Creation
→ Schemata
→ Creation of the angels
→ Fall of rebel angels
→ In the beginning (Gen. 1: 1-2)
→ Spirit of God above the waters (Gen. 1:2)
→ God the Father as creator
→ Several scenes from the Creation in one image
→ First Day: Creation of light
→ Second Day: Creation of the Firmament
→ Third Day: Creation of the dry land
→ Fourth Day: Creation of sun, moon and stars
→ Fifth Day and Sixth Days together: Creation of animals
→ Fifth Day: Creation of Fishes and Fowls
→ Sixth Day: Creation of beasts
→ Seventh Day: Rest
→ Adaptations
→ God creating the Rivers of Paradise (Gen. 2)
→ Personifications of the Rivers of Paradise
→ God creating the winds