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Old Testament
→ Genesis → Joseph → Joseph and Pharaoh (Gen. 41)
→ The dream of Pharaoh (Gen. 41:1-7)
→ The magicians cannot interpret the dream (Gen. 41:8)
→ Joseph brought before Pharaoh (Gen. 41:14)
→ Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream (Gen. 41:15-36)
→ Pharao clothing Joseph (Gen. 41:42)
→ Joseph driven through the land (Gen. 41:43)
→ Joseph commands to construct barns (non-biblical)
→ Joseph commands to collect the grain in the years of plenteousness (Gen. 41:47-49)
→ Aseneth gives birth to Joseph's children (Gen. 41: 50-52)
→ Joseph points to the bad crops in the years of dearth (cf. Gen. 41:53)
→ In the years of dearth, Pharaoh sends the Egyptians to Joseph (Ite ad Joseph), who opens the storehouses (Gen. 41:54-57)