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Old Testament
→ Genesis → Joseph → Joseph's Brothers in Egypt (Gen. 42-45)
→ Jacob learns that there is corn in Egypt (cf. Gen. 42:1)
→ Joseph's brothers go to Egypt to buy corn (Gen. 42:3)
→ Joseph's brothers ask Joseph for corn (cf. Gen. 42:6-12)
→ Joseph commands them to bring Benjamin (Gen. 42:13-20)
→ Joseph imprisons Simeon as hostage (Gen. 42:25)
→ The brothers pay for the corn (not Biblical)
→ Joseph commands to fill their bags and to return the payment (Gen. 42:25)
→ The brothers report their fate to Jacob and discover the money (Gen. 42:29-35)
→ Benjamin's farewell from Jacob (Gen. 43:8-14)
→ Benjamin is brought before Joseph (Gen. 43:15-16)
→ Joseph eats with his brothers (Gen. 43:32-34)
→ Joseph commands to put his cup into Benjamin's sack (Gen. 44:2)
→ The brothers depart from Joseph (Gen. 44:3)
→ The cup is discovered in Benjamin's sack (Gen. 44:6-13)
→ Joseph reveals himself to his brothers (Gen. 45:3)
→ Joseph commands his brothers to bring Jacob to Egypt (Gen. 45:9-15)
→ Joseph embraces Benjamin (Gen. 45:14)
→ Pharaoh invites Jacob and his family to Egypt (Gen. 45:16-20)
→ Joseph's brothers return to Jacob (Gen. 45:21-24)
→ Joseph's brothers tell Jacob that Joseph is alive (Gen. 45:26-27)
→ Jacob goes to Egypt (Gen. 46)