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Old Testament
→ Genesis → Jacob's life in Egypt and his death
→ Jacob comes to the well of oath and burns victims (Gen. 46:1)
→ Jacob and his children move to Egypt (Gen. 46:5-27)
→ Joseph receives Jacob in Egypt (Gen. 46:29)
→ Joseph presents his father and his brothers to Pharaoh (Gen. 47:7-10)
→ Joseph gives Jacob and his brothers land (Gen. 47:11)
→ The Egyptians buy corn from Joseph (Gen. 47:13)
→ The Egyptians buy corn form Joseph, paying it with their lands (Gen. 47:18-21)
→ The Egyptians buy corn from Joseph, paying it with their freedom (Gen. 47:18-21)
→ The dying Jacob asks not to be buried in Egypt but with his forefathers (Gen. 47:29-31 and 47:29
→ Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh (Gen. 48:13-20)
→ Jacob blesses his sons (Gen. 49:1-28)
→ Jacob dies (Gen. 49:32)
→ Jacob's sons bury their father in Chanaan (Gen. 50:7-13)
→ Joseph and his brothers return to Egypt (Gen. 50:14)
→ Joseph tells his brothers has he has forgiven them (Gen. 50:19-21)
→ Joseph is buried in Egypt (Gen. 50:26)