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Old Testament
→ Josue (A.V. Joshua) → The Crossing of the Jordan (Jos. 3:1 - 5:12)
→ God promises to exalt Joshua (Jos. 3:7)
→ The priests carry the Ark into the Jordan (Jos. 3:14)
→ The waters of the Jordan recede, standing at the side like mountains (Jos. 3:16-17)
→ The Israelites cross the Jordan (Ark not shown, cf. Jos. 3:17)
→ The Israelites take twelve stones out of the midst of the Jordan (Jos. 4:8)
→ Joshua places twelve other stones into the midst of the Jordan (Jos. 4:9)
→ Joshua circumcises the Israelites (Jos. 5:3-7)
→ The Israelites rest and recover from the circumcision (Jos. 5:8)
→ God takes the blame of Egypt away from the Israelites (Jos. 5:9)
→ The first passover in the land (Jos. 5:10-11)