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Old Testament
→ Judges → Jephte (Jud. 11-12)
→ Cycles
→ Jephte expelled from his house as son of a harlot (Jud. 11:2)
→ Jephte is made ruler over the people (Jud. 11:5-11)
→ The messengers of Jephte before the king of Ammon (Jud. 11:12-13)
→ Jephte swears to sacrifice whatsoever comes first from his house (Jud. 11:29-31)
→ Jephte is greeted by his daughter (Jud. 11:34)
→ The sacrifice is postponed for two months so she can bewail her virginity (Jud. 11:37-38)
→ Jephte sacrifices his daughter (Jud. 11:39)
→ Jephte divides his daughter into a white and a black part