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Old Testament
→ Exodus → The Passover
→ God speaks to Moses (Exod. 11:1-3)
→ The Lamb taken into the house (Exod. 12:3)
→ The Slaughtering of the Lamb (Exod. 12:3-6)
→ The Israelites mark the doors (Exod. 12:7 and 13)
→ The letter Tau used to mark the doors alone
→ The food for the Passover meal on the table
→ The Passover Meal and its preparation (Exod. 12:8-11)
→ The Death of the Firstborn (Exod. 12:12-13 and 29-30)
→ The Israelites borrow from the Egyptians gold and silver (Exod. 12:35-36)
→ Strangers are not allowed to partake at the passover (Exod. 12:43)
→ The Israelites depart from Egypt (Exod. 12:51)
→ The firstborn of beasts are sacrificed to God (Exod. 13:1-3)
→ The Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire (Exod. 13:21-22)