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Old Testament
→ Exodus → The Israelites in the Desert
→ The Israelites wandering through the desert (no specific episode)
→ The Israelites complain about the bitter water of Marah (Exod. 15:23-24)
→ The water is made sweet with a tree (Exod. 15:25)
→ The Israelites encamp in Elim, with 12 wells and sixty palm-trees (Exod. 15:27)
→ The Israelites murmur against Moses (Exod. 16:3)
→ God sends quails to feed the Israelites (Exod. 16:13)
→ The Israelites gather Manna (Exod. 16:14-18)
→ Mannah, when left overnight, corrupts (Exod. 16:19-20)
→ The Israelites rest for the sabbath on the seventh day (Exod. 16:27-30)
→ Aaron places a vessel of Manna in the Tabernacle (Exod. 16:33-34)
→ The Israelites murmur and threaten to stone Moses (Exod. 17:4)
→ Moses strikes water from the rock (Exod. 17:6-7)
→ The rock with the well alone
→ The Amalekites attack Israel (Exod. 17:8)
→ Moses prays with his arms lifted up (Exod. 17:10-12)
→ Jethro visits Moses (Exod. 18:5-7)
→ Jethro counsels Moses to appoint judges (Exod. 18:13-23)
→ Following Jethro's counsel, Moses appoints judges (Exod. 18:23-26)