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Old Testament
→ Exodus → The Crossing of the Red Sea
→ The Israelites make their camp between the mountains and the sea (cf. Exod. 14:2)
→ Pharaoh pursues the Israelites (Exod. 14:5-9)
→ Moses stretches out his hands and the water recedes (Exod. 14:21)
→ The Israelites walk through the sea (Exod. 14:22)
→ Pharaoh follows them into the sea (Exod. 14:23-25)
→ Moses stretches out his hand again, and the sea returns (Exod. 14:26-28)
→ The Egyptians drown (Exod. 14:28)
→ The Israelites praise God (Exod. 15:1-22)