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Old Testament
→ 2 Kings (A.V. II Samuel) → Seba's Rebellion (2 Kings 20)
→ Seba begins a rebellion against David (2 Kings 20:1)
→ Joab murders Amasa (2 Kings 20:9-10)
→ Joab besieges Abela, where Seba had sought refuge (2 King 20:15)
→ Joab tells a wise woman from Abela that he would end the siege of the city of Seba was handed over to him (2 Kings 20:16-21)
→ At the behest of the wise woman Seba is beheaded by the inhabitants of Abela (2 Kings 20:21)
→ Seba's head is thrown down from the walls of Abela (2 Kings 2:22)