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Old Testament
→ Tobias (A.V. Tobit) → Departure of the young Tobias with Raphael (Tob. 3:24 - 5:28)
→ Tobias instructs his son, mentioning the outstanding debt (Tob. 4)
→ The younger Tobias introduces Raphael to his father (Tob. 5:10)
→ Raphael promises to protect the young Tobias on the journey (Tob. 5:14-15)
→ Tobias asks Raphael about his family (Tob. 5:16-18)
→ Raphael and the young Tobias take leave from old Tobias and Sara (Tob. 5:22)
→ Raphael and the young Tobias walk away, leaving old Tobias and Sara behind in mourning (Tob. 5:22-28)
→ The old Tobias and Sara alone, mourning over the departure of young Tobias (Tob. 5:23-28)