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Old Testament
→ Tobias (A.V. Tobit) → The young Tobias and Sara (Tob. 6:10 - 9:12)
→ Tobias asks to marry Sara, Raguel is afraid, Raphael comforts him (Tob. 7:10-12)
→ Sara is married to Tobias (Tob. 7:16)
→ Tobias burns the fish's liver and Raphael binds the demon (Tob. 8:2-3)
→ Sara and Tobias pray together (Tob. 8:4-10)
→ Raguel sends a maid to see if Tobias is still alive (Tob. 8:14-15)
→ Raguel has the tomb he has already prepared filled again (Tob. 8:20)
→ Raguel has two kine and four wethers killed for a feast (Tob. 8:22)
→ Raguel's feast (Tob. 8:22)
→ Raguel asks Tobias to stay for two weeks (Tob. 8:23)
→ Raphael collects the debt for Tobias (Tob. 9:6-7)