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Old Testament
→ Judith → Judith goes to meet Holofernes (Judith 10-12)
→ Judith takes of the haircloth and clothes herself in finery (Judith 10:2-3)
→ Judith commands her maid to carry victuals in a bag (Judith 10:5)
→ Judith leaves Bethulia (Judith 10:10)
→ Judith tells the guards of Holofernes that she wanted to betray her people (Judith 10:12-13)
→ Judith prostrates herself before Holofernes (Judith 10:20)
→ Holofernes sends Judith to the place where his treasures are kept (Judith12:1)
→ Judith washes herself in a river (Judith 12:7)
→ Judith only eats the food prepared by her maid (Judith 12:19)
→ Holofernes feasts (Judith 12:20)