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Old Testament
→ Job → Job's tribulations (Job 1:6 - 2:7)
→ Satan appears before God (Job 1:6)
→ God allows Satan to take all possessions from Job (Job 1:7-12)
→ Several messengers of disaster before Job (Job 1:14-19)
→ A messenger reports that the Sabeans took away Job's oxen (Job 1:14-15)
→ A messenger reports that fire from heaven killed Job's sheep (Job 1:16)
→ Job's sheep and servants killed, no messenger (Job 1:16)
→ A messenger reports that the Chaldeans took away Job's camels (Job 1:17)
→ A messenger reports that Job's children were killed by a collapsing house (Job 1:18-19)
→ Job's children killed by a collapsing house, no messenger (Job 1:18-19)
→ Job rends his garments (Job 1:20)
→ Job shaves his head (Job 1:21)
→ Job prostrates himself in prayer (Job 1:21)
→ God tells Satan that the afflictions did not weaken Job's piety (Job 2:3)
→ God allows Satan to take away Job's health (Job 2:6)
→ Satan strikes Job with an ulcer (Job 2:7)