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Old Testament
→ Job → Job's final speech to his friends (Job 27-31)
→ Job states that the wicked man shall have nothing left when he wakes up from sleep (Job 27:19)
→ Job speaks of the stone of darkness and the river separating the pilgrims (Job 28:3-4)
→ Job mentions that the birds cannot see the land described here (Job 28:7)
→ Job discusses wisdom (Job 28:12-22)
→ Job reminisces how he washed his feet with butter and chairs were prepared for him (Job 29:6-7)
→ Job reminisces how he was enthroned like a king and comforted the others (Job 29:25)
→ Job laments about being scorned by the young men (Job 30:1)
→ Frenum posuit in os meum (He hath put a bridle into my mouth)
→ Job has become akin to dragons and ostriches, his organ has become weeping (Job 30:29-31)
→ Job reminisces about his hospitality (Job 31:32)