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Life of Christ
→ Ministry → Christ and the Apostles
→ 'Whom do men say the son of man is' (Mt. 16:13-16)
→ Calling of James and Jude (Mt. 4:21-22)
→ Calling of Nathanael who sits under a fig-tree (Jn 1:47-51)
→ Calling of Peter and Andrew (Mt. 4:18-20)
→ Christ defends the Apostles and reproves the blindness of the Pharisees (Mt. 12:1-15)
→ Christ teaching the Apostles (no specific episode)
→ Command to go into all the world (Mk. 16)
→ Commanding Peter to feed His sheep (Jn. 21:15-17)
→ Giving the keys to Peter (Mt. 16:18-19)
→ Going with the Apostles to Jerusalem (Mt. 21, Jn. 11:7-8, 16-17))
→ John and James ask to sit at Christ's fight and left sides (Mc. 10:35-40, in Mt. 20:20-23 their mother asks)
→ Miraculous draught of fishes (Luke 5:4-7)
→ Miscellaneous
→ Philip asks Christ to show him the Father (Jn. 14:8)
→ The Apostles, sent out by Christ, anoint the sick and cure them (Mc. 6:13)
→ Traditio legis (Christ giving a scroll to Peter or to Paul)