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Life of Christ
→ Passion → Crucifixion → Single cross
→ Christ only
→ With God the Father
→ With Virgin only
→ With Virgin and Saint John only
→ The Virgin or Saint John (incomplete crucifixion groups)
→ With Virgin, Saint John and Mary Magdalene
→ With St John the Baptist
→ With Virgin fainting
→ With centurion's conversion
→ With soldiers, but without centurion's conversion
→ Without soldiers, without centurion's conversion
→ With saints not present at the event
→ Christ crucified to a dead tree
→ Christ crucified to a living tree
→ With Adam and Eve
→ With angels
→ With angels attacking death and devil
→ With astonished Jews (perhaps Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus)
→ With Donors
→ With Personifications
→ With Prophets
→ With the dead rising from the sepulchres
→ With the devil
→ With the Faithful