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Last Judgement
→ The 15 signs of doomsday
→ Cycles
→ Day 1 (Sea rising)
→ Day 2 (Sea receding until it can hardly be seen)
→ Day 3 (Sea returning to its usual level or Sea-monsters coming to the surface)
→ Day 4 (Sea-monsters coming to the surface or Waters being burnt)
→ Day 5 (Fowls coming together at the fields and do not eat)
→ Day 6 (Buildings are being destroyed, rivers of fire flowing under the firmament)
→ Day 7 (Stars turning into comets or Stones breaking)
→ Day 8 (Earthquakes throwing all people, animals and buildings to the ground)
→ Day 9 (Stones splitting, or Earth becoming flat, or People hide themselves in holes in the earth)
→ Day 10 (Flowers sweating blood or Men unable to talk to one another)
→ Day 11 (Earth becoming flat or Dead resurrected)
→ Day 12 (Howling beasts for Falling stars)
→ Day 13 (All tombs being opened, or All living men dying)
→ Day 14 (Men running about like mad or Burning of heaven and earth)
→ Day 15 (Death of the Living and resurrection of the Dead, or Resurrection of the dead only)