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The Cross
→ Legend of the True Cross → Individual scenes
→ Seth with the tree growing out of Adam's grave
→ Helen comes to Jerusalem
→ Helen questions the Jews on the location of the True Cross
→ Judas is brought before Helen
→ Judas denies knowing the location of the True Cross
→ Judas is put into the cistern
→ Judas is released from the cistern
→ Smoke rises out of the resting-place of the True Cross, and Judas praises God
→ Three crosses are being discovered
→ A miraculous healing identifies the True Cross amongst the three crosses
→ Constantine and Helen holding the True Cross
→ Helen holding or pointing to the True Cross
→ Helen builds the church of the Holy Sepulchre
→ Parts of the cross are removed as relics
→ Judas is baptised
→ Under the name of Cyriacus, Judas is made Bishop of Jerusalem
→ Helen asks for the nails of the True Cross
→ At Cyriacus's prayer, smoke raises out of the earth to mark the place where the nails are hidden
→ Helen venerates the nails
→ The nails are placed in a reliquary
→ An angel bars Heraclius from entering Jerusalem on horseback
→ Heraclius carries the Cross into Jerusalem
→ Constantine receives the nails of the crucifixion