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Virgin Mary
→ Iconography of the Virgin Mary
→ Allegories
→ Apparitions
→ Casa Santa di Loreto
→ Defensorium inviolatae castitatis Beatae Mariae Virginis
→ Emblem Cycles
→ Embracing Christ
→ Immaculate Conception
→ In a chariot
→ Joys of the Virgin Mary
→ Litany of the Blessed Virgin
→ Madre della Consolazione
→ Mary in priestly roles
→ Mary's Compassion with Christ
→ Miraculous Images
→ Mother of Mercy
→ Sorrows of the Virgin Mary
→ Venerated by the Continents
→ Virgin alone
→ Virgin as bride of the Holy Spirit
→ Virgin interceding during the Last Judgement
→ Virgin interceding for the souls in Purgatory
→ Virgin of the Apocalypse
→ Virgin protecting sinners from the devil
→ Virgin with Angels (without Child)
→ Virgin with child interceding for the souls in Purgatory
→ Virgin with Crown
→ Virgin with Persons of the Trinity
→ Virgin with prophets
→ Virgin with Sacred Heart
→ Virgin with Saints (without Child)
→ Virgin with St Anne
→ Virgin with St Anne and St Joachim
→ Virgin with supplicant
→ Virgin with wings