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Virgin Mary
→ Iconography of the Virgin Mary → Defensorium inviolatae castitatis Beatae Mariae Virginis
→ Cycles
→ Nativity of Christ
→ Aemilia, a Vestal Virgin, relits the fire by moving her veil over it
→ Arion attracting sea creatures through his singing
→ Asbestos burns perpetually
→ Bear giving birth through her nose
→ Bird's nest turned into coral
→ Bonasa, a bird mating through kisses
→ Caladrius, a bird that can prophecy if a sick person will recover
→ Calf appearing in the clouds
→ Carbas, a bird growing on trees in Ireland
→ Carista, a bird that is unharmed by fire
→ Circe can turn men into beasts
→ Claudia Quinta, a Vestal Virgin, pulls the ship to Cybele towards Rome
→ Corn raining down from heaven
→ Cyrus nourished by a bitch
→ Danae is impregnated by golden rain
→ Diomedes's comrades turned into birds
→ Europa
→ Fire in the temple of Venus never goes out
→ Fountain in the country of the Goths that turns everything thrown into it into stone
→ Horse in Cappadocia is impregnated by the wind
→ Human head appearing in a rock
→ Iron Sarcophagus is suspended by Magnetism
→ Kingfisher still moulting after its death
→ Larch wood does not burn
→ Lion brings his cubs to life by roaring
→ Man turned into stone
→ Meteorites fall from the sky
→ Mount Magnes attracts men
→ Ostrich eggs are hatched by the sun alone
→ Ox warning the Romans in the Second Punic War (after Valerius Maximus)
→ Oysters made pregnant with pearls by the dewfall
→ Pelican in her piety
→ Phoenix rejuvenated by fire
→ Seleucus, a stone that has magic properties only when the moon is waxing
→ Tuccia, a Vestal Virgin, carrying water in a sieve to prove her chastity
→ Twin children had been able to open all locks shortly after their birth
→ Tylon, an evergreen Indian island (Augustine, De civitate dei, bk XXI, ch. 5)
→ Unicorn resting in a virgin's lap
→ Vine growing in Ireland on an oak-tree
→ Vultures lay eggs without mating
→ Water in Toulouse turned into blood
→ Wind blowing a shepherd over three miles
→ Woman turned into a horse in the legend of St Macarius
→ Xerxes's wine turned into blood