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Virgin Mary
→ Iconography of the Virgin Mary → Miraculous Images → Birkenstein → History of the Pilgrimage
→ Pilgrims come to pray at a Bildstock atop a large rock
→ A priest dreams of the Virgin Mary promising her graces at the Birkenstein, two men had similar dreams - a new altar of the Virgin is built in the parish church, the donour receives the old statue
→ The priest who was reluctant to allow for public veneration of the statue falls ill, is miraculously healed, and begins building the chapel
→ After the chapel was built, pilgrims started arriving in 1673, and in 1692 an extension was added
→ In 1710, the provost of Fischbachau laid the first stone for the new church in the shape of the Holy House of Loreto, replacing the original chapel