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Virgin Mary
→ Devotions to the Virgin Mary → Rosary → Mysteries of the Rosary - Cycles
→ All mysteries in one image
→ All Joyful Mysteries in one image
→ All Sorrowful Mysteries in one image
→ Donauw√∂rth, Heilig Kreuz, Rosary altar (Hans Georg Bschorer, 1724-1728, only half of rosary shown)
→ Fischbachau, St. Martin (Melchior Puchner, 1737-1738)
→ F√ľrstenfeldbruck, St. Magdalena (Baldauff, 1764)
→ Indersdorf, Klosterkirche, Rosary Chapel (Bavaria, 1729)
→ Pielenhofen, St. Mariae Himmelfahrt (Carl Jacob Stauder, 1721, Sorrowful Mysteries)
→ Waldsassen, St. Johannes Evangelist, nave vault (Johann Jakob Stevens, 1695-1698, with prophets by Giovanni Battista Carlone)