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→ Church Fathers → Augustine → Life
→ Being taught by his mother
→ Leaving for Rome, abandoning his mother
→ With the Manichaeans
→ Hearing St Ambrose preach
→ Meeting Ponticianus
→ Conversion ('Tolle, lege')
→ Baptised by St Ambrose
→ Last meeting with St Monica
→ At St Monica's deathbed
→ Ordained priest
→ Founding a monastery in Hippo
→ Consecrated bishop
→ Disputation with Fortunatus
→ Converting the merchant Firmus
→ Vision of the Child at the Seaside
→ Vision of being nourished by Christ's blood and Mary's milk
→ With the Virgin Mary appearing
→ Writing books
→ Writing De Civitate Dei
→ Confounding heretics in discussions
→ Teaching how to make the Sign of the Cross
→ Teaching to sing the Office
→ Preaching
→ Preparing to celebrate Mass
→ Contemplating the Trinity
→ Enflamed by divine love
→ Comforting the sick
→ Clothing beggars
→ Giving alms
→ Washing the feet of a pilgrim and recognizing him as Christ
→ Selling the church's goods to feed the poor
→ Sending those who speak evil about others away from his table
→ Healing the sick during his last illness
→ Last Illness
→ Death during the Siege of Hippo