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→ Saints A - Z → Colette of Corbie (OFM) → Life
→ Colette is asked by a knight's wife to accompany her to meet the Pope
→ She sends a noblewoman who suffered under madness, to announce her arrival to the Pope
→ Pope Benedict XIII receives Colette and find the plans for the Reform of the Poor Clares in a box on her belt
→ Pope Benedict XIII clothes Colette a Poor Clare and blesses her as Abbess
→ Colette has new convents built
→ Sisters of other orders ask to join Colette because of her strictness
→ Colette admonishes a bishop who was ill-reputed for his ambition
→ Colette heals the blind and the lame
→ Colette has a vision of Saint Anne St Anne with her descendants
→ While Colette is praying before an image of the Virgin Mary, the devil blows out the candle and torments her
→ Vision of the Trinity, Saint Francis, Arrows from a crucifix piercing Colette's heart, and trees growing on the floor