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→ Saints A - Z → William of York → Life
→ The baptism of William
→ William enthroned as Archbishop and-or papal scenes
→ The death of Pope Lucius
→ The palladium is entrusted to Cardinal Hincmar
→ The consecration of Pope Eugenius III
→ The marriage of William's parents
→ William meets King Stephen
→ The Holy Spirit comes to William
→ William at prayer in solitude
→ William receives spurs as an augury of success
→ The deaths of Archbishop Murdac, Abbot Bernard and Pope Eugenius III in the same year
→ William journeys to Rome
→ William receives the pallium
→ William returns from Rome with the pallium
→ William welcomed at York
→ William crosses Ouse Bridge
→ William kisses the cross outside York Minster
→ William is consecrated Archbishop
→ William's enthronement feast
→ William celebrates mass on Trinity Sunday
→ William lies dying and receives Extreme Unction
→ William's body is unharmed by fire
→ William's body placed in the coffin
→ The miracle of the drowned boy
→ William appears to sailors in a storm
→ A sick woman at William's tomb
→ The story of Ralph and Besing
→ Men and women seek cures at the tomb
→ Reprieved criminals give thanks and offerings at the tomb
→ The translation of the relics
→ The feretory moves through York