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→ Saints A - Z → Bernard of Clairvaux (OCist) → Life
→ Bernard's mother's dream of giving birth to a dog who will defend Ecclesia
→ Bernard's vision of the exact hour of Christ's birth
→ Bernard's vision of his mother going to heaven
→ Bernard and his friends enter CĂ®teaux Abbey
→ Bernard presents his 'De Consideratione' to Pope Eugen III
→ Vision of angelic choirs at the place where Clairvaux was to be founded
→ Repentance of the Duke of Aquitaine
→ Praising the name of Jesus
→ Being visited by the Virgin Mary and SS Benedict and Lawrence at his sick-bed
→ Holding the Christ Child (in Chatillon)
→ Being greeted by an image of the Virgin Mary (in Afflighem)
→ Completing the Salve Regina (in Speyer)
→ Embraced by crucified Christ (Amplexus)
→ Touched by Christ's Blood
→ Being fed with the milk of the Virgin mary (Lactatio)