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→ Educated at St Gall
→ Work for Bishop Adalbero of Augsburg
→ Consecrated Bishop of Augsburg
→ St Simpert appears to him and commands him to protect his tomb from the Hungarians
→ An angel gives him a cross before the battle against the Hungarians
→ Dines with Beggars
→ Helps the sick
→ Exorcises a Nun
→ Raises a man from the dead
→ Ordains St Wolfgang as a priest
→ St Afra takes Ulrich to the Lechfeld, where a synod of saints condemns Duke Arnulf of Bavaria
→ St Afra instructs him to find her body
→ God's Hand appears at Ulrich's Mass
→ God's Hand appears at Ulrich's Mass - adaptations
→ Ulrich and St Konrad dine on a Thursday and give meat to the messenger of the Duke of Bavaria
→ When the messengers show the meat to the Duke the following day, it is turned into fish
→ Ulrich encounters the countess forced to carry her supposed lover's severed head on a chain and proves her innocence
→ Two angels command the dying Ulrich to say Mass
→ Death
→ Funeral