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→ Prince Magnoald takes leave of his parents (Stempfle, Leben, cap. 1)
→ St Gall introduces Magnoald to his abbot, Columbanus (Otloh, Vita, cap. 1; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 1)
→ Columbanus appoints Magnoald as cellarer (Otloh, Vita, cap. 2; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 1)
→ Magnoald miraculously prevents beer from running out of a barrel left open (Otloh, Vita, cap. 2; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 2)
→ Magnoald commands a bear to give him apples for Columbanus and Gall (Otloh, Vita, cap. 3; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 4)
→ Columban prophecies to King Clothair that he will rule over all of Gaul (Stempfle, Leben, cap. 4)
→ Escorted by Clothair's soldiers, Columban and his followers travel to Lorraine (Stempfle, Leben, cap. 4)
→ Columban and Magnoald discuss their visions of the war between Theoderich and their new host Theodepert (Otloh, Vita, cap. 6)
→ An angel commands Columban that there is no need to become a missionary far away (Stempfle, Leben, cap. 4)
→ Columban leaves for Italy, Gall (who is sick) and Magnoald stay behind (Otloh, Vita, cap. 7; Stempfl, Leben, cap. 5)
→ Gall and Magnoald are received by the priest Willimar, the deacon Hiltibalt suggests a place to settle (Otloh, Vita, cap. 8; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 5-6)
→ Gall and Magnoald drive out a demon from the daughter of Duke Gunzo (Otloh, Vita, cap. 9; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 7)
→ Magnoald is ordained deacon by bishop Johannes of Constance (Otloh, Vita, cap. 10)
→ Gall, having learned in a vision of Columban's death, celebrates Mass for him, with Magnoald serving (Otloh, Vita, cap. 11; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 10)
→ Magnoald and Theodor are the only survivors of the sack of St Gall by duke Otwin (Otloh, Vita, cap. 13; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 12)
→ Magnus and Gallus before a seated monk, perhaps Columban (context unclear)
→ Tozzo, holding a miraculously burning candle, comes to the tomb of St Gall and offers to lead Magnoald and Theodor to Augsburg (Otloh, Vita, cap. 14; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 14)
→ Magnoald heals a blind man in Bregenz (Otloh, Vita, cap. 15; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 15)
→ Magnoald kills the serpent Boas in Kempten, he is then renamed Magnus (Otloh, Vita, cap. 16; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 16)
→ Magnus preaches the Gospel in Kempten (Otloh, Vita, cap. 17; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 17)
→ The inhabitants of Kempten supply Magnus, Tozzo and Theodor with food (Otloh, Vita, cap. 17; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 17)
→ At the request of Magnus, Bishop Wikterp of Augsburg sends him to Füssen (Otloh, Vita, cap. 18; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 21-22)
→ Magnus kills the dragon at Roßhaupten by feeding it with pitch and resin (Otloh, Vita, cap. 19; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 23)
→ Magnus hangs his cross on a tree in Waltenhofen (Otloh, Vita, cap. 19; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 23)
→ Magnus builds a church in Waltenhofen and has it dedicated by Bishop Wikterp (Otloh, Vita, cap. 19; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 23)
→ Magnus installs Tozzo as priest in Waltenhofen (Stempfle, Leben, cap. 24)
→ Magnus drives the evil spirits away from Füssen (Otloh, Vita, cap. 20; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 24)
→ Magnus is carried by angels across the Lech valley, leaving impressions of his feet on both sides (Stempfle, Leben, cap. 24)
→ Bishop Wikterp gives an endowment to Magnus's monastery at Füssen (Otloh, Vita, cap. 21; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 26)
→ After Magnus's prayer, bears tear out treas on Mount Säuling and show him iron beneath the roots (Otloh, Vita, cap. 22; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 29)
→ Magnus commands the bear to show his servant Liuto where the iron could be found (Otloh, Vita, cap. 23; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 29)
→ Tormented by demons (unknown episode)
→ Death in the presence of Tozzo and Theodor (Otloh, Vita, cap. 24; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 31)
→ Burial by Bishop Tozzo (Otloh, Vita, cap. 24; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 32)
→ Translation under Bishop Lanto (Otloh, Vita, cap. 27; Stempfle, Leben, cap. 33)
→ Unidentified scenes