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→ Cycles
→ Reburial in Heidenheim - begin of the flow of oil
→ Translation of her relics from Heidenheim to Eichstätt
→ At the translation of her relics from Heidenheim to Eichstätt the horses stop at the place where St Walburga's church was to be built
→ Pilgrims at her grave
→ Oil flowing from Walburga's tomb
→ The nuns distribute the oil
→ A child that had fallen into a well is revived
→ A demon is driven away (uncertain)
→ Healing of a blind woman
→ Healing of a man possessed by a demon
→ Healing of mute people
→ Healing of sick people (without oil)
→ Help against fire
→ Raising of a dead man
→ Rescue of a man attacked by a dog
→ Rescue of a man run over by a carriage
→ Rescue of a woman from under a falling tree
→ The sick are cured by St Walburga's oil