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→ Saints A - Z → Benedict of Norcia (OSB) → Life
→ Benedict in School
→ Calling of Benedict
→ Benedict and his wet-nurse in the wilderness, miracle of the winnowing fan
→ Benedict takes the habit
→ Benedict in Subiaco, fed by the monk Romanus
→ The Easter feast
→ Benedict is discovered by shepherds and teaches those living nearby
→ Benedict fights temptation by throwing himself into thorns
→ Benedict in Vicovaro, attempted poisoning
→ Benedict founds twelve monasteries
→ Benedict receives Placidus and Maurus as oblates
→ Benedict beats a devil that prevented a monk from attending the Office
→ Miracle of the well
→ Miracle of the scythe
→ Rescue of Placidus from drowning
→ Florentius fights against Benedict
→ Christianisation of Montecassino and construction of the Abbey
→ The monks who broke their fast
→ The traveller who broke his fast
→ Encounter with Totila
→ Vision of the destruction of Rome
→ The cleric possessed by the devil
→ The destruction of Montecassino
→ Miracle of the bottle
→ Miracle of the cloth
→ Benedict deposes the arrogant monk from the office of holding a lamp at table
→ Miracle of the grains
→ Miracle of the plan of the new monastery
→ Miracle of the garrulous nuns
→ Miracle of the runaway monk
→ A monk who wants to leave the monastery is threatened by a dragon and returns
→ Healing of the boy with dropsy
→ Benedict miraculously receives money that he can give to a man in debts
→ Healing of a leper
→ Benedict distributes bread during a famine
→ Miracle of the refilling oil barrel
→ Benedict encounters the devil disguised as physician
→ Benedict drives out the devil from a monk by hitting him with a staff
→ Conversion of the Arianist Zalla
→ Raising of the Peasant's son
→ Benedict and Scholastica
→ Vision of the world as shining ball and the ascent of the soul of Bishop Germanus
→ Vision of the golden ball
→ Benedict writes the Rule
→ Benedict's death
→ Unidentified scene