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→ F├╝rstenfeldbruck, Kloster F├╝rstenfeld (Visions of, largely Cistercian, saints, C. D. Asam, 1731)
→ Heiligenkreuz, Refectory (Adrien van Bloemen and others, early 18th century)
→ Pielenhofen, St. Mariae Himmelfahrt, choir stalls (attributed to Jacob Carl Stauder, 1720-1721)
→ Pielenhofen, St. Mariae Himmelfahrt, side vaults (Jacob Carl Stauder, 1721)
→ Rein, Neuer Konvent (attributed to Joseph Amonte, second quarter 18th century)
→ Waldsassen, St. Johannes Evangelist, chapel s1 (c1730-1740)
→ Waldsassen, St. Johannes Evangelist, murals (Johann Jakob Stevens, 1695-1698)