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The Church
→ Church History → History of Individual Dioceses, Orders and Monasteries → Monasteries → Donauwörth, Heilig Kreuz (OSB)
→ Cycles
→ Count Mangold I brings a particle of the True Cross from Constantinople to his castle Mangolstein in Donauwörth and funds a nunnery there
→ Pope Leo IX passes through Donauwörth and is asked to consecrate the new church - he first declines but then his mount refuses to walk any further (1051)
→ Count Mangold II moves the nuns to a site outside the castle
→ Count Mangold III asks Pope Paschalis II for the permission to transform the nunnery into a double monastery
→ Count Mangold III builds a new, larger, monastery for the monks
→ Emperor Maximilian I renews the monastery's privileges and donates a relic of the Crown of Thorns as well as a monstrance for the particle of the True Cross
→ Theft and later retrieval of the particle of the True Cross
→ Abbot Amandus Röls rebuilds the monastery after the 30-years war
→ Abbot Gallus Hammer adds a third floor and expands the library